tang hulu

Story, Strength and Spirit from Migrant Workers in Beijing, China

In China's great cities a quarter of a billion migrants who live on the edge. Marginalized from mainstream society, they are dis-empowered socially and psychologically. Since 2015, we have partnered with Vibrant Communities, the largest NGO serving migrants in China, to bring Story Bridge to Beijing's migrant communities.

The 9-month program built on the Story Bridge Method developed by Dr. Richard Geer and the “Creativity-based Community Empowerment and Development Model” developed by Dr. Qinghong Wei. On June 25th, the first performance took place at a prominent theater in downtown Beijing. The cast had over 40 migrants, including children, adults and seniors. Praised by major media covering the event, Story Bridge has become a focus and ongoing program of Vibrant Communities.

Evaluation data revealed remarkable empowerment impact of this program. It found as much as 19% increase in individual leadership, 20% increase in individual ability for conflict resolution, 30% increase in self-confidence, and 41% increase in community engagement among participants.